Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day - How About a Romance Piece

Ah, yes. Here's our Violin music performances of the day, by Beethoven.

Simply splendid! The kind of stuff you're likely to hear in a Peet's Coffee And Tea Store.

The piece is called "Romance", by Ludwig van Beethoven.

A few versions of Beethoven's 'Romance':

Why Beethoven, you ask? Because it's soothing. And we need something to soothe, in this hustle-and-hurry world (to take a line from one of Air Supply's songs).

Note: We've often played our YouTube videos on a new site called Why Safeshare, you ask? Because Safeshare.TV deletes all the distracting and inappropriate items commonly found on YouTube pages. It's very simple to use, and it's safe for viewing. It eliminates potentially unwanted verbal content. And, you can crop the videos, too.

And why Peet's? For their wonderfully rich-tasting coffee, for their helpful and friendly coffee servers, and for their consistently wonderful in-store music. If it were up to us, this kind of music would be playing in stores just about everywhere.

And how about this one? Here's our second performance of the day. Nice little piece, called "Faruu", by a composer known as "Piano Forte". And yes, perhaps piano is his forte!

But now here is a piece that will stun you. It just may be the greatest love song. Ever. Who recorded it? You bet. The Carpenters.

Here it is, folks. The one and only Karen Carpenter.

Wow, and the sound is good too, on YouTube, although the images may be a bit faded. This, we think, is the greatest love song ever sung. Ever.

Quiet Regards,

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