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Political Views: Conservative, Pro-Life

Political View on Noise (no, not a joke): First, it's way too late, and would probably be too much bureaucracy, to re-institute ONAC. Second, noise ideally should be mitigated (reduced) at the source. If it can't -- or if the noisemaker won't -- then it depends on the circumstances. In some circumstances, small claims court could be an option. But in other circumstances, it'd be perhaps a better option to move from the area (permanently, if need be).  No large mainstream liberal group is pro-quiet rights. For example, the ACLU is silent (no pun intended) on quiet rights. The DNC is silent on quiet rights.

Education: a largely liberal arts education

Earplugs of choice: Flents (Apothecary Products, Inc.), HEAROS (DAP World, Inc.) and Mack's (McKeon Products, Inc.) -- oh, and MOLDEX, too.

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